Miley Cyrus Thinks Justin Gatsons Nice And Cute

Hannah Montana actress says Miley Cyru model Justin Gatsonis a nice guy and likeable. He also added that shes learn to keep your guard up. While in an interview with Ellen DeGenre for his presentation, 7 Things hitmaker, who is waiting for his 16th birthday, has revealed that she is confident in her parents and really like Gatson.

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Golf Writer Will Read From Book On Woods

Bob Smiley, an writer and television commentator, will give a reading and question and answer session on his new book about golfer Tiger Wood on Thursday at Barnes Noble in Ventura. In January, Smiley set out to follow Woods from the gallery for each hole of a whole season and to absorb everything that could. The result was Follow the Roar, a first person account of the Wood year, published by HarperCollins..

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Mike Tyson Gets A Ticket For Thanksgiving Former Boxer Cited For Ramming His Escalade Into A Private

Thursday. Mike Tyson is back in the headlines, this time for his impatience in the car ramming the visitor gate of a private community in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving morning. M. Tyson Reportedly Backed Up And Ripped The Gate Down Metro Was Called And Tyson Got A Ticket.. Told He Went To The Visitors Gate But Instead Of Driving Through The Gate When It Opened He Veered Off And Hit The Closed Residents Gate reporter Action New Rikki Cheese. According to local ABC News affiliate KTNV, retired boxer pulled his late-model black Escalade to the southern part of the Valley of Monarch Estates at about 7:45 a.

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Kid Rock Thinks Elton John Should Cover Katy Perry Quot I Kissed A Girl

But I need him to buy a Christmas gift in the first place, something really dirty! . He said: I m definitely going to pass him, which should cover I kissed a girl. Kid Rock Sir Elton John wants to cover I Kissed A Girl The long-haired rocker Elton thinks - which is in a civil partnership with partner David Furnish - would be the perfect choice to give Katy Perry hit record a new lease of life.

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Beverly Hills 90210 Season 6 Dvd

As their worlds evolve, old friendship will be tested as develop new relationships, but no matter how complicated their worlds become, is semper parties in their strengths and experience. L ensemble drama about young adults growing up in Beverly Hills is a mixture of drama and romantic object that crosses all cultural boundaries.

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